Backpack “Conscience”

Predefined Cerebral Wave

The design “Conscience” is currently the design most studied under EEG because the poster “Conscience” is the visual support of the program Serenity.
The sweeping of the eye on this design makes it possible to pass the observer in wave theta, wave of relaxation but also of conscientization and meditation.
– Significant increase in delta and theta waves in the left prefrontal lobe (very active zone in decision-making).
– Increased delta and theta waves in the occipital lobe (visual relaxation).
General appeasement of tensions.


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Schoolbag backpack from the “Conscience” design. Solid and very practical with its multi-pockets.
Offered with any backpack bought 1 “Conscience” design booklet, 90 pages, A5 format of recycled white paper.




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