How Did Project Boa Come Into Being?

Olivia Boa, the known creator and runner of the Project Boa went through a series of tough challenges in her life before she achieved the success of the business that she owns today. The sole reason she started this business was her third child, Soltan whom she had with fellow boxer Mohammed Belkacem in 2012. Soltan, as his name suggests ‘strength’, went through a very rough patch in his life. He was among those children who needed special care since the very first day of their life. Born in Berne Inselspital, he was hospitalized there in the special care unit for a long time.

At the age of 6 months, he suffered from epileptic fits and it was then that the doctors came up with a different differential diagnosis for his condition. Investigations showed that he was missing a part of the pituitary gland in his brain. He was blind, couldn’t eat or speak and was unable to walk or sit due to hypertonia. Soltan was soon diagnosed with diabetes insipidus.

In this critical condition, the worst part was to manage his epileptic episodes which put him in horrible pain and were damaging his brain. Even the latest medical management failed to improve the baby’s health and so it was then that Olivia started studying neurology. She worked tirelessly and read different scientific reports on binaural beats and their influence on brain waves for stress management.

Her child’s critical condition helped her come up with the amazing Project Boa. Olivia, a great therapist and a creative artist, developed specialized headphones which influenced the brain waves and helped in relieving Soltan’s stress. The headphones were carefully designed keeping in view the numerous neurological configurations such as binaural beats, monotone sounds, and cardiac bi-phasing and subliminal messages. The result of their use was spectacular.

Project Boa and Athletes:

Olivia worked further on understanding the effects of the combination of sounds. She financed her work independently and measured the results of listening to the headphones by EEG and blood tests.

Many people especially those sensitive to stress and top-level sportsmen and women have, by now, used the headphones and witnessed the positive effect of selective sound tracks.

These headphones helped athletes with physical, mental and emotional stress management during the events like marathons, high trail-running and Iron-man competitions. The list of those who have adopted Project Boa so far are as follows:

  • Myriam Delas, France, Double Triathlon runner (
  • Vincent Ventenat, France, a runner in the Grand Raid (Trek), Mont Blanc High-Trail runner.
  • Pascal Bourquin, Switzerland, Trail-runner in the Petite Trotte à Léon (135h of running over 300 km) (
  • Julien Privet, Suisse, Captain of HC Ajoie, the Swiss hockey club.
  • Sabrina Verratti, Switzerland, Badminton player from Yverdon.

The inspiring success of this project compelled the Décathlon Company in France to support Olivia Boa to develop a Zen space inside its headquarters in Lille. Here, 25 sets of headphones are made available to the company employees in the chill out area. The La Mobilière in Switzerland also approached the talented artist and owner of the Project Boa to create a similar type of space in Berne.

The artistic Boa Creations Collection:

Boa Creations is another one of her projects based on Boan Ocular Kinetics. This is the art of influencing brainwaves by colored structures, represented by pixels. Every design of this project is drawn by hand to give it an original and digital effect. Olivia personally supervises the design and the production of each piece. She also oversees their analysis by EEG herself.